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Staying Animated: Creative activities for the kids!

Being at home with young children can have it's challenges, especially as many parents around the country find themselves assuming the unfamiliar roles as teachers. As the nationwide lockdown continues, you might feel like you are running out of ways to make learning engaging. Look no further! I have found a dynamite little app Stop Motion Studio, which is free and easy to use. Below is my very first attempt at an animation, utilising one of our most prized commodities: toilet roll :)

Why not get your children to make their own animations? It could be educational - perhaps an animation to explain how a plant grows. Or it could just be for entertainment - maybe get them to animate their toys. I have got my kids to create a storyboard as an activity before shooting their animation.

For more info on how to use Stop Motion, check out my YouTube video below:


Storyboard template


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