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Wish you well

Updated: Aug 4, 2019

Sometimes we have to part company with others as our paths matter what, wish them well

It helps that this track is a banger, but that's not the reason why I like it so much. The subject matter is relevant and resonates with me.

Same book, different pages

Sometimes, even the good things get lost along the way We opened up the same book, we found a different page

It is possible that you can find yourself on a different page from those who may have previously shared the same perspective as you. This can be a painful experience and one I think requires careful thought and reflection. All relationships need care and nurture - the perfect relationship doesn't magically appear overnight like a giant beanstalk. Both parties have to be intentional in tending to their mutual responsibilities. However, from time to time, it can become apparent that two people are on different pages.

Communication counts

I don't believe a drift apart happens overnight. It happens over a sustained period of time, one unspoken conversation at a time. For whatever reason, sometimes we fail to show up in our conversations and opt not to speak the truth in love. It seems easier to avoid a difficult, awkward conversation than to address an issue head on. Seasons change, as do people, and I recognise that it is possible to lose the closeness, the intimacy, once shared with someone. But I don't think it happens where healthy and open communication exists. Communication counts in any relationship.

Save the harmony

The harmony - it's the only thing I can save.

It goes without saying that sometimes it is not always possible to salvage every relationship. That is the nature of life. It is transient and I don't think it is possible, or sensible, to attempt to hold on to every fleeting relationship who have ever had. Should you try and reach out to the dentist who gave you a sticker when you were six? Or the Uber driver who dropped you to train station last week?

Probably not.

Relationships exist on a sliding scale of significance. Every person has value, but some people will be more valuable to you than others. Your spouse. Your parents. Your children. Key people who have shaped the landscape of your life. I would submit that these relationships are worth fighting for, investing in and developing. They are unique in their quality and require special attention. Even though you might not be able to save every relationship you've ever had, you can at the very least preserve the peace. As much as depends on me, I want to leave every relationship I have influence over on a note of harmony.

I wish you well

If we cannot be reconciled, to the point where we can continue to walk together in the same direction, then we must part company. But I do not have to wish you ill. I can wholeheartedly wish the very best for you, even if it means never seeing that outcome personally. If I hold bitterness, resentment and unforgiveness towards you, it simply pollutes the well of my heart. And everything flows from my heart.

So perhaps we've had to part under difficult circumstances, I wish you well. Maybe we've drifted apart silently, I wish you well. Even if you meant to cause me harm, I wish you well. Whatever the circumstances may have been, friend, I wish you well.

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